The Power of 26 – On The Tip of My Tongue

In a recent post, I shared the disheartening experience of finishing
3rd in a 3 person contest, but philosophically expressed the importance
of being prepared.

It’s one thing to be bested by someone else in any contest or event.

It’s another when you are defeated because you didn’t try or offer up your best.
Dad taught me hundreds of lessons, but among the most memorable was
after a baseball game, when there were too many losses in a season, he asked if
I had played my best. When I said yes, he said ‘That’s ALL you can ask for.’

Being prepared and playing or participating to the best of your talents is all
you can offer. Finishing less than first is no shame if you’ve given it everything
you’ve got.

But the importance of being prepared was not lost on me because only a few
days later I was called upon to be a substitute in the next contest.
It was to be 90 seconds to 2 minutes of unrehearsed presentation.
A demonstration of how well you can think on your feet and
come up with an engaging story without benefit of writing it out
ahead of time.

And this my dear readers is where preparedness takes over. It was a topic
right in my wheelhouse and the gods were smiling on my silver tongue as
I was able to weave 26 letters together for the First Place Speech.

This time I was first of 3 speakers. While it was unrehearsed, I was no less
prepared by having done similar situations perhaps several hundred times now.
The words flowed readily because of the comfort of having done it before.

Everyday is a rehearsal for your next success. Sometimes it seems invisible.
Beyond reach. Out of your grasp.  And all the while the right moment is simmering,
waiting for the chance when your talent and opportunity come together to become
your stage to shine.

Don’t ever stop practicing. Rehearsing. Preparing. Reading. Learning.
Training. It has been expressed by many successful people in all fields of
endeavour that they are ‘lucky’.  Nearly everyone of them will attest that the
harder they work, the more luck they have.

Your successes are not ‘once and done’. Rather they should be an ongoing
stream of opportunities tried. Some resounding successes where you are showered with
accolades and or riches. Other efforts it may feel like ‘she got the gold mine,
and you got the shaft’, but these are only occasional hiccups
to spur you to greater successes.

Don’t ever let one success or failure be your defining moment.
Your growing power to wield those 26 letters with authority and confidence
will move the world to behave exactly as you wish it to be.

That’s The Power of 26.

Dennis Kelly