The Power of 26: Start Small For Big Success

Greetings once again, and thanks so much for joining us today.

This is Dennis Kelly of First Impressions Media and we are up to article number six in our series of Ten. The Top Ten Advertising Mistakes and How To Fix Them.

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We’ve covered a lot of ground so far, and thanks very much for staying with me through this. These are very intertwined tips and observations. As you’ve already seen, there is some crossover from one tip to another. They all stand on their own but they are all powerful connections not the least of which is today’s tip Number Six.

For many small to medium-sized advertisers who perhaps don’t have the resources to have a marketing or media person on staff, they are sometimes at the mercy of whichever salesperson arrives. Whoever comes in  proposing to sell them advertising space or time or an opportunity in any newspaper, radio, magazine, online opportunity, out of home. And that can be quite daunting and quite intimidating.

Because well, you’d like to believe that these guys are the professionals. This is their livelihood.  It’s what they do certainly they would not steer me wrong. Certainly, not intentionally.  So why don’t I just keep endorsing them and writing a cheque every month for X number of dollars that we may or may not have, and hope that they will be able to direct some business my way.

Yeah you’ve seen what happens when that happens. You’ve seen what happens when that strategy is undertaken and two or three months later you may find yourself with absolutely no sales.

Well what happened? We spent five, ten, twenty, thirty, fifty thousand dollars with you and we enjoyed no sales.  A not uncommon reply is to the effect,……
…well you just have to keep your ads out there, keep the name going, and keep your profile up there, maybe consider a bigger ad with us….Blah Blah Blah.

While there’s a certain grain of truth in that, you should be able to determine pretty quickly if your ads are working. That’s why we suggested right at the outset to test the ads, and to code them, and identify them, and if they’re working you will see those results very quickly. You can adjust it at any time, but if you don’t give your ads a response mechanism, how are you ever going to know what’s triggering the cash register?

You will certainly know what’s not working. If nobody’s coming in, the ads aren’t working that’s a good clue. But if there is some activity, fantastic! Celebrate and if you’ve got enough, open a champagne.

Now, find out what it is about the ad, the message, where it was placed what was said, when it ran, that made it work. Find out everything you can about what brought in that response. That customer, that client, that sale, so that you can do it again. And you can do it again on a bigger, grander, longer scale.

The sales reps that I’ve met through the years as I’ve mentioned earlier are, in the majority, very nice people. I have some wonderful relationships with many of them. Some of them going back decades and that’s fantastic because they have always been very helpful. They have proven themselves to me as reliable in helping me do my job to help our client achieve their goals.

But understand, as always, as salespeople, their intent is to separate you from your money as regularly as possible and not necessarily have to prove that their media is working.

They want to sign you up for as many ads as they can, as fast as they can, and convince you that theirs is the best place for your sales message to be. Please don’t be so quick to sign that cheque and here’s how you fix this.

Before you commit to a campaign of any length or substance, try it out on a small scale. If your ad has the right appeal, provides the solution, gives a call to action then you should see the results quickly. And not have to be out there months on end waiting for someone to initiate trial and use your product or service.

This is where testing and coding and tracking ads pays for itself in spades. If the magazine or the website, the TV spot, the radio commercial isn’t triggering responses then it’s time to try something else.

But as I mentioned right at the beginning, you have to test it and you have to find out for your own satisfaction and for your own wallet, what’s working and what isn’t, so you know how to improve it for the next time.

Speaking of the next time this is Dennis Kelly of First Impressions Media inviting you once again to triple W First Impressions Media dot ca, and I look forward to seeing you
on the next video

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