The Power of 26 -Endless Opportunities

‘It was a knockout blow. A punch so overwhelming I didn’t get back on my feet for fourteen years. And to deliver a blow like that, they went to a lot of trouble.’

So begins the powerful opening of the international bestseller entitled Papillon.
The story of convicted felon Henri Charriere who was sentenced to life imprisonment in the penal colonies of French Guyana for a murder he steadfastly denied every committing.

Recently I re-read this novel. I was as thunderstruck with the powerful vocabulary of
Mr. Charriere now as I was nearly 30 years ago in the first read. His richly detailed and highly powerful scenes of the full panorama of human emotion of love, fear, torture, betrayal, murder, brutality, solitude, courage, passion, escape, and redemption make it a book bigger than its pages.

Recounting the drama he lived, he invites you in, moment by moment, where you can feel the brutality of the unrepentant guards, the hostility of several wardens and the incredible generosity of other gatekeepers, strangers and fellow inmates.

While it was ultimately made into a blockbuster of a film with Steve McQueen and
Dustin Hoffman, the raw energy he emits from the pages is nothing short of electrifying.
No film can ever do justice to the range and diversity and intensity of feelings and experiences Papillon shares with us. He recounts with riveting narrative the amazing life and near death he endured in his incarceration.

I believe it is this unfiltered delivery of the message that always appeals to the writer within me. Someone who can make words come alive while teetering on the edge of death is a skilled wordsmith indeed.

There is no limit too on the capacity of the writer to keep us enthralled in their storyline regardless of the subject, if it is well told. That is the hallmark of any writing.
Be interesting, provocative, informative, outrageous, coy, raging,¬† a demon at the keyboard spinning golden stories of business, fiction, fantasy, adventure…..just don’t be boring. Grab your reader by the eyeballs and don’t let go.

As near as I’m aware, Mr. Charierre had little formal education. He was not illiterate, but he was neither a University Graduate.¬† Yet his storytelling captivated the world in multiple languages in 1969 and his legacy lives on through his words.

There remain endless opportunities to tell your story, make sure The Power of 26 is put to good use.

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Will it be as compelling a read as Papillon? One can hope. What I can tell you is it is written with the same passion as Mr. Charriere, but without the brutality endured!!