The Power of 26 – A Rebirth Everyday With Words

We remain extraordinarily fortunate to live in this day and age.

Our lives are so richly blessed with food, families, possessions, technologies, healthcare, pleasures and freedoms that it is a utopia by many standards.  Not for a moment do I dismiss the challenges many of us equally face with employment, sickness, drug uses, tragedies, accidents, political unrest, war zones and the ever volatile economy.

However it strikes me that each day is an opportunity for new successes. However large or small. Personally and /or professionally. We look to and find and celebrate those events with great delight. Birthday (it is always someone’s birthday)- no matter what day of the year. Anniversary. Job Promotion. Arrival of a new child. A family member safely returned home from travels. You finally got through that office project which had you stymied for weeks. Maybe, after all your blogs, somebody noticed enough to say something.

Congratulations. Well Done. Atta Boy. You Go Girl. YOU Did It!. Kudos. So Proud of You. Nobody Deserves It More. You Worked Hard For It. How Fabulous. Welcome Home.

Every one of those accolades can get you recharged. Fired up again. Okay, what’s next?
I can do this. The powerful element here is they are sincere, warm, genuine recognitions of all your time, energy, effort and it was so simple for the sayer to say it.

Not long paragraphs of stories and mountains climbed. Just a few simple, powerful words that can reinvigorate even most worn spirit. I express this in the hope that it perks you up to share a Well Done with a co-worker. Applaud and say Congratulations when a neighbour gets a new job. Those are very modest but powerful ways to boost the spirit of those closest to you. And it doesn’t have to come from your wallet.

Nearly every week, I have an electronic consult or phone call with a good friend and colleague in my industry. And every week when I praise him for always being there to support me, he comes back with a few inspiring words that make me want to try again harder next time.

Everyday can be a rebirth like that. It really only takes a few words to deliver emotion
that can transform lives. I am always amazed, and a bit saddened, that the best words we have for each other, all too often ,come when the person who most needs them can no longer hear them. Funerals are the minutes when a lifetime of emotion comes rushing out but the key listener is hearing from a different realm.

As I write this, the world mourns the recent loss of the musical artist Prince. Only in the wake of his passing have I learned what a generous and talented musician he was.
The tributes pour in from everywhere. How amazing and wonderful and supportive.

For all his on stage persona, I hear from reports he was a gentle and appreciative soul. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear some of the words of praise about how good, kind, smart, caring etc., you are while you’re still here to hear them?  Then maybe consider using the Power of 26 everyday to tell the people closest to you just how much they mean to you.

We remain extraordinarily fortunate to live in this day and age. Yet for all that we accomplish, nothing, but nothing starts without the words.  My business thrives on it.
So do thousands of others. Don’t let another day pass you by without realizing and using The Power of 26 to brighten someone else’s day. It will do the same to you at the same time.