The Power of 26 – It NEVER goes out of style

Welcome back. Gosh I’m so pleased you are able to join me again. Yes you’re right, it has been a while- I think since January this year- since my last entry. To my avid followers, thank you for remaining avid and my regrets for the long hiatus.

Sometimes for all of us, life spirals seemingly out of control, personally, professionally medically, emotionally….pick an ally and it sometimes is no friend at all. Suffice to share 2015 had more speed bumps than usual.

Just a couple of days ago, I had the great good fortune to teach. I do not do it as frequently as I should- I learn so much when I teach and this was no exception. There were 20+ students in the class and I tried to distill some media planning and buying tips and strategies and experiences of 30 years into an hour or so.  Exactly – Good luck with that one.

They were all eager sponges and seemed to enjoy the presentation which was wonderful. I like it when the audience enjoys themselves.  You try to anticipate every question and hope you have an answer.

Developing the presentation reminded me of the need for brevity and how critical it is to make every word count. There is limited time and space to communicate everything. Mastery is the art of saying novels without writing them.  Write with power. With Conviction. With Drive and Muscle behind your words. They need not be callous or vulgar to strike with force and resonance.

In the past 2 years or so,  I have struck up a wonderful international e-mail relationship with a talented and outgoing professional copywriter based in the United Kingdom. He’s been writing ads for 30+ years, while here in Canada, I’ve been buying ad space for 30+ years.

He correctly bemoans the laziness of many of today’s writers who rely on a tag line and photos to get by. There is nothing, BUT NOTHING,  more powerful and persuasive than a well written letter. They are becoming harder to find. Even less readers appreciate them. A good writer is GOLD. Is money in the bank.  Spinning those 26 letters into a sales story that compels customers to buy your product is a rare and priceless talent. Hang on to him or her with both hands. They are the keys to the vault.

Despite all the platforms of communication now available to me as a buyer, it all comes back to the same source. The Alphabet. Good Writing Never Goes Out Of Style.  That’s the Power of 26