The Power of 26 – Touching Hearts and Nerves

Thanks for joining me again.

Everyday we encounter gems and hiccups it seems, and I found it interesting
to see how some people respond. An extension of my writing this blog is also
my role as a media planner and buyer.

This compels me to remain as conversant as I’m able in both traditional and
new media.

It continues to evolve and I’m not certain there will ever be a concensus.
As long as humans are breathing, their media communication networks will
remain as individual as their DNA.

Some would have you believe we should revert to only magazines and
television as all we need are print and broadcast. Isn’t that right?

Other thought leaders will surely convince you that this
Internet platform is evolving to be the ONLY platform and it will
ultimately assimilate all others in its path, devouring them like
the BORG™ of Star Trek Fame.

In a recent soapbox by yours truly, I acknowledged the growing presence
and influence of The Internet and Social Media respectively.  Make no mistake,
they are with us to stay I believe. For better or worse will be decided by history,
but it is a changing/(changed) media landscape.

Digital media choices thrive on speed and personal communication unlike
anything in history. These are very powerful and aggressive tools to deliver
our messages in a heartbeat. But the scope of the messages is handcuffed by
character limitations or relevancy.  The traditional media, tried and
true, remain in the same arena. Their roles changing, but their contribution
every bit as vital as ever.

Your blogs give you an unrestrained opportunity to share personal and
professional joys, triumphs, tragedies which is a wonderful creative outlet
in most cases.

Alternatively, the social media vehicles which proliferate are impressive
in their exponential growth.

They remain frightfully deadly in their capability to have an anonymous
assailant destroy your reputation with vicious attacks and misuse of personal
information. I’m startled to learn stories of people sharing amazingly intimate
details of their lives on line with friends and strangers, then are crushed when it is
used against them.

If you want it to stay private, then don’t share it. The Social Media grapevines
are treated like ‘Dear Diary’ and many a contributor has been irreparably destroyed
when pictures, events, and shared confidences are unearthed and betrayed.

It remains a dubious marketplace which has thrown wide open the doors of
communication to anyone who will devote the time to typing.

Other segments deem it an enormous breath of fresh-air allowing the ultimate
freedom of expression. I will not moralize here the right or wrong of the capability
this new found electronic bulletin board offers.
There can be no turning back now, and it will live on in some incarnation for
perhaps generations to come….or not.

One hundred years ago as we entered the 20th century, a new world was on the
horizon as Mr. Marconi pioneered radio. At the time, who could have envisioned
how the world would explode from there in unprecedented technological growth
through the next eleven decades. Today our words can scarcely describe how we
are pushing the boundaries of growth to unexpected- nay -unimagined horizons.

The technology of our forefathers helped pioneer the way for what was to become
our reality. When our grandchildren’s, grandchildren inherit the earth, I daresay it
will hardly resemble what we see and hear around us today. But if history is any
indication for the future, the will still have words.

They will still hold and use the Power of 26.

Dennis Kelly