The Power of 26 – Words of Wisdom?

Advice. In all the world is there anything more blessed to give than receive but ‘advice’.

Nearly all of us want to share some pearl of wisdom based on our experiences
or education or opinion. Whether it’s been solicited or not is immaterial.

We all want to share something, anything, with family, friends and readers of blogs. ūüôā

However well meaning, it can often fall on deaf, or resentful ears who want no part
of your experience. Don’t tell me what to do or not do just because you did it.
And many times that is the correct strategy. Learning to bite one’s lip is part of a
maturing process as equal to withholding an ‘I Told You So’.

The flip side of course is that some voices -Mom, Dad, siblings, Teachers,
Religious figures are very powerful sources of¬† ‘advice’

It can make your head spin with all the voices and sources of what to do.

Some readers may recognize the iconic ‘Dear Abby’ columnist, and she shared tips
on a myriad of subjects for decades. Was she necessarily  an authority on all those
topics? Perhaps she was.

Then again maybe not. HOWEVER, she had cultivated a loyal and devout following
by offering gentle counsel with influential words that spanned a multitude of topics
and feelings.

The mere fact that she became embraced and trusted for her sage advice speaks
volumes of the power in the words she used to dispense guidance, support, direction
to thousands of readers over a long career. I’m recognizing that unless someone is
paying you for your advice- your expertise as a doctor, lawyer, architect, manager,
builder, media buyer, artist, writer, teacher, etc….unless they are actually paying you,
no-one wants to hear unsolicited advice. If they’re paying you- it’s no
longer unsolicited.

If they otherwise ask you, ...Say Dennis, what do you think of this ad schedule?
then you have been invited to the conversation and can offer all the opinions you
like. Some listeners may even appreciate the perspective you offer and be glad
to hear more.

Such is the nature of my work where I genuinely am asked my opinions on advertising
in newspapers, radio, on-line, television, and other media, and I respond accordingly. 

Will everyone agree?  Much as I like to think otherwise, not everyone will agree with
the comments and perspectives I offer. And that’s fine. It is mine and I share it and hope
and trust that the expertise of 30 years experience will be of interest and value to the
recipients. When you’re looking for help or guidance, we now have, for better or worse,
the enormity of The Internet where seemingly every question ever considered is now
resident there and all manner of answers abound as well.

Pursue those of course. There are grains of truth in many of the responses to life’s
issues and questions. You are not obligated to cling to only one of them. 
What I would offer- ha- my advice- is to weave all those words into your own
experience. Make your statements truly an expression of your individuality,
talents and charms.

As always, it comes back to you and the Power of 26.

Dennis Kelly